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Friday, 8 July 2011

planning session 1

 We  worked together to discuss the genres suggested and to  consider conventions of real media and how we could apply them with limited time, and resources.

Whilst we did consider working within the Rom-com genre with a western feel, we moved towards a western and developed the ideas of using bikes and an alley way for a standoff  as we didn't have easy access to horses, deserts, ghost towns, tumbleweed or large mountainous areas.

MIckey did consider visiting the joke shop for ten gallon hats and toy guns and hobby horses,  but restricted finances  led us to work within our budgets, using Boris bikes in free half hour sessions......We may however use the sound effects of horses to create that true Western feel/

We  scouted  the local area in order to find alley ways and other locations we could use and used the still camera to record our findings.

We are planning to use slow character revelation through long shots and ECU's having closely analysed several openings of Westerns, particularly the work of Leone.

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