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Friday, 8 July 2011

Researching real media texts

Clips from Sergio Leone from youtube.
We noticed a strong sense of place created with slow pans, no characters in place.
Zooms used to  focus in on characters eyes..
Slow character movements with close ups on hands on guns. twitching fingers.... Lovely moustaches ( no time to grow them for today's filming)

We intend to use Boris bikes instead of  horses and brollies instead of  guns, with an urban rather than natural landscapes. We  have to substitute a sense of enclosure rather than space in order to work within the confines of Mise en scene available to us.

Openings of  Leone films - strong sense of place an time created through film language so we have clear conventions to follow - long shots, establishing pans, ECU

We have found it hard to locate the specific openings we are looking for on youtube, again more time to research would have proved useful

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